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Welcome to the new and improved!

So long awkward, ugly duckling site; Hello binary bombshell! LDS's refined shopping experience will make finding the perfect decal for your car, MacBook, laptop, bedroom wall or wherever easier than ever. Current listings are becoming more vibrant, with many soon to have the ability to view mock-ups of the design in every available color within the listing. New designs will be added more frequently, with many of our latest and greatest ideas continuing to be supplied to us by our completely awesome community of shoppers (so please keep the ideas coming!).

Of course, since a pretty face will only get us so far, we've made sure to beef up our back-end as well. Check-out has been streamlined, production has been accelerated and communication has never been easier. In addition to this blog, we'll be integrating with several different social media platforms to give you more ways than ever to share your feedback, pass along ideas and, most importantly, post photos of your decals in the wild. We'd love to think we produce only sunshine and rainbows, but we haven't gotten this far without falling short every once in awhile. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on every purchase, so if airing of grievances is required, feel free to use these outlets for that purpose as well. No better way to make amends than via a public forum!

Over the course of the next few months, we will continue to optimize the site in different ways. Please let us know your thoughts on our new look, the shopping experience and any other random tidbits you may feel like sharing.

Thanks again for helping us get to the point where we have brand new digs to call our own. We couldn't have made it here without you and couldn't be more excited to work with you soon!

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